Corporate and Regulatory


  • Leading Locally Ltd is a limited liability company registered in the Isle of Man
  • Lolly is a registered trading name of Leading Locally Ltd
  • The company and key directors are based in the Isle of Man, the self-governing British Crown Dependency in the British Isles
  • The company has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the UK and Switzerland
  • The company has part-owned subsidiaries as local operators in key markets
  • Leading Locally Ltd is a limited liability company registered in the Isle of Man at 9 Kensington Road, Douglas, IM1 3ER, under company number 111832C
  • Leading Locally Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leading Locally Ltd (Isle of Man) and is a company with limited liability registered in England and Wales under company number 06829556, registered at 28 Ringlet Way, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 9BS, England
  • The directors of Leading Locally Ltd are Mr R M Holmes, Mr J P Thomsen, Mr K P Beard, Mr K P Loit and Mr J T Holmes
  • Leading Locally Ltd and the websites and app it operates are registered with the Information Commissioner of the Isle of Man for data protection purposes

Regulatory Compliance

  • Leading Locally Ltd is regulated by the Financial Supervision Authority of the Isle of Man for cryptocurrency, token issuance and marketplace operation under the Designated Business (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015
  • Leading Locally Ltd complies with Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) legislation
  • Coin and token buyers, brands and businesses know the buyer and seller of any coins or tokens, ensuring that local invoice, tax and trading regulations are upheld


  • Leading Locally Ltd, is registered for Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom and the European Union under VAT number GB 003 3177 25
  • Leading Locally Ltd (England) is registered for Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom and the European Union under VAT number GB 947 6104 10
  • Isle of Man and UK companies will be charged 20% Value Added Tax in addition to the price per brand interaction. EU companies will be charged VAT or must provide their EU VAT number
  • Payment services: is owned and operated by the Alternative Payments group of companies consisting of Alternative Payments Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man under company number 012890V, having its registered address at First Floor Millennium House, Victoria Road, Douglas, IM2 4RW, Isle of Man (British Isles)



Statement of anti money laundering policy

It is Leading Locally Limited’s policy to ensure that our company, its senior management and all of our company’s employees are committed to complying with all legislation and appropriate guidelines designed to combat money laundering activity, the funding of terrorism or criminal activity in the jurisdiction in which we operate.

For any queries relating to Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance, please e-mail us on [email protected] For other ways to get in touch, please see our website at

We will:

  • Take reasonable steps to establish the identity of any person or company for whom it is proposed to provide any services where applicable
  • Retain identification and transactional documentation as required by the legislation in the jurisdiction in which we operate
  • Provide initial and on-going training to ensure all relevant staff are aware of their personal responsibilities and the anti-money laundering procedures in respect of identifying clients, monitoring, record-keeping, remaining vigilant at all time and reporting suspicious transactions
  • Develop and maintain all necessary or advisable AML/CFT policies and procedures in line with evolving obligations from enforcement agencies
  • Report to the relevant authority where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a money laundering offence has been committed
  • We will at all times ensure the protection of our staff, and safeguard our organisation and reputation against the threat of money laundering and the funding of terrorist and criminal activities.

Leading Locally Limited will do all it can to prevent the company and its staff being exposed to money laundering, identify the potential areas where it may occur, and to comply with all requirements, especially with regard to the reporting of actual or suspected cases.

Leading Locally Limited is committed to the prevention, detection and reporting of money laundering. All employees must be vigilant for the signs of money laundering. Any employee who suspects money-laundering activity must report this promptly to our Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering can be defined as the process to move illegally acquired cash through financial systems so that it appears to be from a legitimate source.

There are two secondary offences: failure to disclose money laundering, and “tipping off”, whereby somebody informs a person or persons who are, or who are suspected of being involved in money laundering, in such a way as to reduce the likelihood of their being investigated or prejudicing an investigation.

Any member of staff could potentially be caught by the money laundering provisions if they suspect money laundering and either become involved with it in some way, and/or do nothing about it. Our policies and procedures set out how any concerns should be raised.

It is important that all employees are familiar with their responsibilities as serious criminal sanctions may be imposed for breaches of the legislation. The key requirement of employees is to promptly report any suspected money laundering activity to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

This KYC and AML policy was last updated on 1 June 2019