How brands with tricky spelling found an easy solution for their customers.

I’m sure we’ve all tried it; standing in a shop making a fool of ourselves trying to pronounce a French cosmetics or Swiss luxury watch brand name correctly. As customers, this is a decisive moment, as we will undoubtedly want to steer clear of such situations. To avoid embarrassment, we often go as far as selecting brand names we can confidently pronounce.

We see a variant of this dilemma with pharmaceutical brands, that, with very few exceptions, have brand names that are impossible to remember let alone spell. This creates a different problem that challenges a brand’s customer acquisition process fundamentally.

The pharmaceutical brand would somehow need to make customers associate a remedy for their ailment with the brand’s unpronounceable name. A task that is inherently difficult, as the brand name often doesn’t make sense to the customer and therefore has no logical pairing with a remedy. The customer is therefore far more likely to describe his ailment to a pharmacist and then go with whatever product is recommended rather than trying to remember the unpronounceable name from an ad.

As a result, the famous advertising like “Ask your doctor or pharmacist” often ends up creating demand for the type of medication not specifically for the brand itself.

“With Lolly we have come up with a simple solution where just a single click lets the customer add his favourite brands, products or services to his wallet, so he’ll always have easy access to them – regardless of how tricky they are to spell and pronounce. So next time the user searches for “back pain” he or she will be directed to a retailer stocking the brand they have a relationship with – even if it has been forgotten again. It makes it really easy to complete transactions thus improving customer retention and brand loyalty”, Jens Peter Thomsen, Lolly’s COO explained.

By giving customers easy access to brand names, Lolly promotes easy shopping and happy customers.

Jens Peter Thomsen is COO and Founder of Lolly. Jens Peter Thomsen worked in the media and advertising agency industry in the Nordics, running companies dealing with clients such as Disney and Rockstar Games