Why customers finding brands is a guessing game without Lolly

I’m sure you’ve seen the text “available at all good retailers” on numerous occasions. And for good reasons, as this iconic marketing line has been around since the Victorian age! (It was the Pears soap brand in the 1880s, for the historically minded.)

What does “available at all good retailers” actually mean? How would I, as a customer, know exactly what a “good retailer” is?

In reality, the line might as well be “good luck finding us, it’s out there and easier to find than an Easter egg” – either a shop sells the brand or it doesn’t. Even if it is a “good retailer”.

If you can’t find it, the brand misses out on the here-and-now opportunity with the customer. It can be a lot worse than that: if the shop stocks a competing brand, then a competing brand will be sold to the customer. So, in this case, not only has the brand spent advertising money without a sale, but has effectively paid for a sale of a competitor.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this any longer. Thanks to Lolly’s location-based discovery solution, a customer will always find the closest reseller stocking the brand. This makes it very easy for customers to find exactly what they need, wherever they are.

This is the dawn of true location-based advertising. We believe that customers expect instant gratification when they put themselves in the market for specific products or services. Therefore, brands listing all their official resellers will generate more sales and not waste their marketing dollars.

Jens Peter Thomsen is COO and Founder of Lolly. Jens Peter Thomsen worked in the media and advertising agency industry in the Nordics, running companies dealing with clients such as Disney and Rockstar Games.