Coop marketing and market development funds for your business

If you work for a local business – from a corner shop to a hair salon or even a supermarket – you can use Lolly to increase your sales and improve your customer retention.

Best of all, your online marketing can be paid for by the brands you stock!

All you need to do is add the brand names you sell or represent to your profile. Alternatively, brands are added to your profile when your customer, brands or distributors do so. Whichever way brands are added, they automatically start sending customers to you if you are close-by.

Lolly’s CEO, Richard M Holmes explains: “Lolly is powerful location-based marketing. We enable brands to direct customers to the closest point-of-sale. This way the powerful relationship the customer has with a brand carries forward to the retailer. Brands are found locally. Local businesses are discovered. Customers are happy.”

This gives small businesses free online advertising, paid for by all the brands they sell. This is a highly effective use for brands’ vast co-op marketing and market development funds. Previously, this was only possible with retail chains and costly. Lolly brings the same effective marketing to independent shops.

Jens Peter Thomsen is COO and Founder of Lolly. Jens Peter Thomsen worked in the media and advertising agency industry in the Nordics, running companies dealing with clients such as Disney and Rockstar Games.