Let’s face it: as consumers, we’re sick and tired of being bombarded with all sorts of advertising wherever we go. The reason for this dislike is that we find close to all this advertising utterly irrelevant and incompatible with our current needs and wants.

Online media in particular has its revenue models built around algorithms that constantly try to guess – as opposed to knowing what each individual consumer is actually and presently interested in.

Luckily, Lolly has come up with the obvious solution to solving this problem; by actually asking users which brands, products and services they enjoy. We then filter out the rest.

Lolly makes it possible for brands to run successful consumer marketing campaigns and regain relevance in their advertising campaigns. Not only does the customer get to decide, but his or her favourite brands may compete for their favor, treating the customer like royalty.

The obvious result is happier customers. Customers are empowered in their decisions, their interest in advertising and their brand loyalty.

For Lolly the only logical solution was to make the Lolly experience all about the customers. Customers decide exactly what is relevant to them. This creates a natural filtering mechanism. A single click on a heart in Lolly defines and removes a customer’s interest in a brand, product or service. It couldn’t be easier!

Jens Peter Thomsen is COO and Founder of Lolly. Jens Peter Thomsen worked in the media and advertising agency industry in the Nordics, running companies dealing with clients such as Disney and Rockstar Games.