Our Media Agency Partners

Lolly works with media agencies – the companies that book the advertising spend on behalf of the biggest brands as partners.

Media agencies job is to spend their client’s budget – and spend it wisely. Lolly has already signed its first global deal with one of the biggest global media agencies: IPG Mediabrands is part of The Interpublic Group of companies, Inc. (IPG).

With representation in 140 countries, IPG is considered one of the “Big Four” global agency companies, alongside WPP, Publicis and Omnicom.

Lolly has secured a global billing operator agreement with IPG Mediabrands. IPG onboards their client base and manage the billing relationship on behalf of Lolly.

Our Pioneer Brands

Beverages, Nordics

Cars, Nordics

FMCG, Nordics

Telecoms, 22 markets

Appliances, Nordics

Supermarket, 4 markets

Supermarket, Denmark

Tools, Nordics

Toys, Global

Beverages, Nordics

Retail, 19 markets

Retail, Global

Paint Retailer, 5 markets

Onboard Shop,