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We want to give you a glimpse into how Lolly is conquering the world of shopping, everywhere. Send us your questions and I, the CEO and founder, answer the best ones regularly on our site.


What makes Lolly a different user experience?  (PT, New York)

Lolly is all about local – where you are right now. Users want to know which brands, products and services are available where they are. By telling brands that they like their products, a user can not only find the brand but also get exclusive promotions. We want users to experience being treated as valued and customers by brands, wherever they are.


How does lolly.cash help local businesses? (RG, Australia)

Lolly.cash is a points scheme within Lolly. All users automatically participate and can redeem lolly.cash within Lolly. Alternatively, they can donate their points to their favorite local businesses, helping new and popular businesses cover marketing costs and engage with more customers. Spread the word online, at no cost to you or to your favorite businesses.


When is Lolly available in my country? (Maria, Chile)

Lolly is a global system but is inherently local in its use. You, as a user or as a partner of Lolly, can help push things along in your country or city.
How? Select your favorite brands and they will give you access to great promotions, because they want to retain your custom, win your custom and thank you for your custom! It makes sense for both parties – and for the merchants stocking these brands as well. Add available brands, products and services to local merchants, you – and all other Lolly users there – can use Lolly in your city. It couldn’t be easier.


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Richard M Holmes is CEO and Founder of Lolly. Richard started his career designing and publishing video games, working with brands, distributions and merchants since the 90s. He has acted as CEO, COO and CTO in the development, IT services, media and social media space.