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The Team

Richard M Holmes

Richard M Holmes

CEO and CO-founder

Richard’s career as founder, director and investor in ecommerce, social media, gaming, software development and video games publishing spans 25 years. He has designed and produced three #1 games in the UK charts, including Tactical Manager and Football Glory published by Black Legend, and over 400 further product launches worldwide.

Richard has substantial experience in retail distribution and marketing (in the days before the digital distribution of video games, selling games world-wide involved distribution, shelf-space buying at Wal*Mart, manufacturer discounts, booking shopfront displays and sell-through marketing).
Richard completed a London AIM stock exchange flotation with IncaGold PLC in 2005, was a founder in Silicon Valley VC-backed venture Stiki Digital Inc, and has acted as ecommerce consultant to the Isle of Man Government, as non-executive director on boards of media and gaming businesses.

Richard has worked on product launches with brands as diverse as Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Yokohama and the RSPCA, creating video games promotion, social media applications and social commerce marketplaces.

Jens Peter Thomsen

Jens Peter Thomsen

COO and CO-founder

Jens Peter has his field of expertise in online display and performance advertising. Insights and years of experience allowed him to collaborate with international agencies in the creation of pioneering platforms which focus on quality assurance.

Jens Peter has managed online strategies and media buys in the Nordic countries for international clients like Disney Interactive, Rockstar Games and Take-two Interactive.

In parallel with running his digital agency Jens Peter has worked on business development for a white label instant messaging framework, micro-shopping and daily deals aggregation. He has worked as a consultant for media agencies and international brands entering the
Scandinavian market.

Jens Peter is passionate about charitable work that has an impact on local communities.

Ben Proske

Ben Proske


Ben joined Leading Locally following the roles of digital and ecommerce director for Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer (and the world’s 25th largest), and digital market lead for McDonald’s Switzerland.

He has extensive experience in developing traditional retail and B2C oriented brands in digital, social media, e-commerce & multichannel business and communication. Sector experience includes FMCG, restaurants, electronics, sporting goods, textile, DIY, furniture, and energy sector in Switzerland and Europe.

With a highly service orientated mindset, Ben excels at building strong partnerships with brands and agencies, and knows how to match both C-Level management expectations and customer needs.

Ben studied economics at St. Gallen University and speaks German, French and English.

Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim

Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim


Abdul is a computing scientist with 33 years of experience, specialising in distributed operating systems, virtual-machines and managed-code environments, with a special emphasis on dynamic compilers, dynamic binary translation and Just-in-Time compilation (JIT).

Abdul has developed solutions and run companies in the telecoms, video games, cloud computing and music industries. His highly specialised disciplines have been commercially focused into the blockchain arena to usher in 3rd generation blockchains, where virtual-machine design, managed-code environments and dynamic compilation are critical elements in the design of distributed operating systems that can support scalable distributed apps.

Abdul is a leading researcher and implementer of advanced Cloud and Distributed Platforms on next-generation many-core processors, and is currently the only party authorised by Kalray to have detailed access to the inner workings of its MPPA2 processor, Europe’s leading supercomputer-on-a-chip with over 256 cores.

He is currently a member of an elite think-tank at BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT, which is often used to generate advisory reports to the UK Government.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams

VP Engineering

Peter is a mathematician and computer programmer. Since 2002 he has worked on numerous projects, ranging from small in-house software solutions to large scale cross-platform applications.

Peter has experience implementing multiple languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Ruby and Java.
Peter is currently writing a maths thesis on the origin and distribution of prime numbers and their relativistic position within the natural set.

Peter’s previous career in teaching saw him tutor music and mathematics on two different continents.