How users will be able to earn revenue shares

Imagine if you could own interest communities on other social media. Then imagine you would earn a good chunk of the advertising revenues as a thank-you! For what? For your contribution to the interest community members – and for your contribution to Lolly.

Wishful thinking you might say – well, this is what we are working on for you at Lolly. A very new concept putting you and all Lolly users at the center.

You will be able to create and own any interest-based communities you can think of. Maybe you will set up communities for chocolate lovers, Italian cars or eating out in London? It is up to you.

You can manage and grow your communities. As your user base grows, you earn a revenue share from the brands and merchants wanting to create exclusive offers for your members.

Owning a community costs $500. You can pay for it in points, too! Even easier. You will even be able to sell your communities for profit as they grow! Now that is new.

Alternatively, you can just recommend promotions to existing communities and receive a revenue share for that, or support communities with points for their marketing on Lolly, and – you guessed it – receive a revenue share for this contribution, too.

Richard M Holmes is looking forward to launching this innovative concept soon: “With and the user-owned and managed communities, we reward users for their contribution to Lolly. Not only does this open up Lolly to every and all thinkable niche interests, it enables our users to generate an income from their knowledge.”

Richard M Holmes is CEO and Founder of Lolly. Richard started his career designing and publishing video games, working with brands, distributions and merchants since the 90s. He has acted as CEO, COO and CTO in the development, IT services, media and social media space.