We are first launching Lolly on mobile web and desktop web.


We are currently in the launch phase and testing the beta and its features with select users. With the mobile web version we have the app experience without the need to submit to appstores. This allows us a quicker development, easier integration of our test feedback and more regular deployment of new versions.


In parallel we are developing the admin system for lolly.partners, which initially is for brand employees acting as admins of brand profiles, and in future will also be the admin system for merchants, resellers and community admins.


We will however be launching Lolly on both Apple iOS and Google Android devices as an app in the coming weeks and months. Lolly will be available in first and third party app stores.


You can register now for the app version. This way we can inform you as soon as the apps are available. Please register at https://lolly.live/ios or https://lolly.live/android depending on your mobile device.


If you register now you will be able to claim a bonus 500 lolly.cash worth $5 directly within Lolly once the Lolly app is launched.

Ali Ashraf is VP Business Development at Lolly. Ali is in charge of business development operations in Pakistan, a launch market for Lolly.