How brands learned how to optimize their marketing spend to achieve true customer retention

For ages, all brands – big and small – have had to build their advertising campaigns around guessing which customers prefer their products to their competitors. So instead of targeting exactly the right customers, brands have been forced to run broad-spectrum promotions. These promotions awaken customers’ desire for their products, but unfortunately a desire for their competitors’ products, too.

Until today, social media and search engines have been the best way of pairing user behavior with advertising brands. However, why spend so much money on marketing to customers that may not care about your brand at all?

Lolly changes this by creating a relationship between customer and brand. This allows brands to treat existing and potential customers like royalty, instead of spending marketing dollars on promotions to everyone.

CEO Richard M Holmes: “With Lolly we change the game completely. Instead of having the usual search engines or social media platforms trying to guess if a user may be interested in a brand, we let the users tell Lolly in which brands, products and services they have an interest. This takes “guessing” out of the equation altogether.”

Lolly lowers customer acquisition costs for brands significantly. By letting customers connect easily with their favourite brands, brand loyalty and customer retention dramatically improve, putting an end to wasted customer opportunities – and wasted marketing budgets.

Jens Peter Thomsen is COO and Founder of Lolly. Jens Peter Thomsen worked in the media and advertising agency industry in the Nordics, running companies dealing with clients such as Disney and Rockstar Games.